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What does First Step Do?

a. Screening of Applicants-We will screen those in need by taking applications

b. Referral-We will refer those in need to the most appropriate source of help

c. Financial-We will assist, as we have resources, with rent, utility, and medicine needs.

How can you or your church help?

There are several ways that churches and individuals can help "First Step of LaPorte" accomplish it's mission.

-Refer those in need to us. When someone comes to you for help, ask them if they have been to us. If not, please refer them to see us as their "First Step".

-Give financially (as a Church or individual) to First Step on a monthly, quarterly, annually, or special offering basis. Checks should be made payable to "First Step of LaPorte". Individuals should funnel gifts through their local Church at this time in order to receive a tax deduction.

-Volunteer with First Step. We will be needing volunteers to help us reach out with grace to those in need.

-Pray for us. Pray that we will be able to share the love of Christ in deed and word.