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Note: One-page project description viewing / printing requires the free Adobe Reader. 

Fox River sediment removal project in Wisconsin. Site Issue: PCBs in river sediment.  Detailed Description (pdf).
VOC Air Stripper Ground Water Restoration in Morrison, Illinois.  Site Issue: Well field used as a public drinking water supply contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds. Detailed Description (pdf).
PCB-Impacted Sediment Site in Massachusetts.  Site Issue: Lake and river sediment containing PCBs.  Detailed Description (pdf).
Lordship Point, CT Lordship Gun Club Lead Remediation in Stratford, Connecticut.  Site Issue: Lead shot in sediment impacting water fowl and other wildlife.  Detailed Description (pdf).
Grand Calument River Project in Northwest Indiana.  Site Issue: Contaminated sediments in the Grand Calument River.  Detailed Description (pdf).
Remediation system operation and maintenance in Dyer, Indiana.  Site Issue: Pipeline release of gasoline and other petroleum products.  Detailed Description (pdf).
Sewage Treatment Impoundments Dredging and Dewatering Plans for Manakau Wastewater Services, Auckland, New Zealand.  Site Issue: Dredging of biomass and sediment from sewage treatment impoundments constructed in the Pacific Ocean.  Detailed Description (pdf).
Soil Vapor Treatment Building DNAPL Remediation System designed and built for chemical facility in Memphis, Tennessee.  Site Issue: Organic chemicals and Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) in the soil and ground water.  Detailed Description (pdf).
Waukegan Harbor cut-off wall Waukegan Harbor Superfund Site in Waukegan, Illinois. Site Issue: High Levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) contamination in the harbor. Detailed Description (pdf).
Ground Water Treatment Building Mitchel Field Project in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. Site Issue: Ground water contamination in a drinking water aquifer. Detailed Description (pdf).
Watts Pond Sediment Remediation Program in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Site Issue: Pond sediment contaminated with PCBs and metals. Detailed Description (pdf).
Thermal Desorption Plant Pesticide Impacted Site in Phoenix, Arizona. Site Issue: Soil containing organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides. Detailed Description (pdf).

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