To install the program on a Microsoft Windows based PC, extract both "CS2 setup.exe" & "CS2.NET.msi" to the same file directory and execute "CS2 setup.exe" (usually by double-clicking the program name in Windows Explorer). Then, follow the CS2.NET v2 Setup Wizard and install the program in the default folder or the folder of your choice. (Note: CS2.NET will initially look for input files in the default program folder but it can be directed to open files from elsewhere.)

For additional information, see the CS.NET help file (CS2.Net.chm) which can be launched from the CS2.NET "Help" menu.


The Microsoft Excel workbook "Problem 4.xls" is included in the program directory along with four test problem input files. This workbook shows how to use Excel to prepare input and post-process output for test problem # 4. (And, the XLS workbook can be easily modified to model other problems too).

Note: CS2.NET input files are simple text files (hence the ".txt" file name suffix). CS2.NET input files can be prepared and edited via the CS2.NET GUI. However, it is easier to copy-paste compressibility or permeability curves from Excel directly into the txt file using a text editor like NotePad. Furthermore, CS2.NET output can be copied directly into the workbook for documentation and denormalization purposes via the CS2.NET "Clipboard" option. (See "Problem 4.xls" worksheets "Echo", "t vs s" & "e vs H" for examples.)


CS2.NET version 2.2.1 is the most current version. A HISTORY page has been added to the Help file.  (The .1 update includes minor tweeks to the user interface such as tabbing order.)


CS2.NET requires the prior installation of the Windows Microsoft .NET version 2.0 framework (or newer) for program execution. Since version 2.0 was first released in late 2005, most Windows based PCs already have version 2.0 or a newer .NET framework installed. If a suitable .NET framework is not installed on the target PC, then "CS2 setup.exe" will offer to download and install the latest framework directly from Microsoft's www site.

Memory and disk usage are minimal and the opening screen size is only 640 by 480 resolution. (The screen can be resized.) CS2.NET only occupies 2MB of hard disk space (ignoring the large Microsoft .NET framework footprint). An administratorís password is required for program installation.

The program has been tested with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Thomas C. Wells, P.E.
June 11, 2011