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There is now a www site dedicated to the Mill Pond Festival at www.MillPondFestival.org with the most up-to-date information including CRAFT and FOOD VENDOR downloadable application forms.

February 2017 NEWSLETTER (mailed to 46382 Zip Code area)

Union Mills Conservation Club Community Letter     February 7, 2017

Enjoying the weather?  Think Spring!  Only a month away and we will be able to be out and about.  Although the winter has been mild, cabin fever sets in. 

At our first meeting of the year, we made some positive changes in a few things and are anxious for the weather to break and we can "git 'er done".  We first and foremost, want to thank anyone who have had memorials dedicated to the Unity Foundation or directly to the Conservation Club.  Those donations help out in the winter, as well, as electric and waste costs are always there and rentals do lessen in the winter. If a donation is for something specific, please note it and we will try to accommodate.

New officers for the club are: President: Chuck Eaton; Vice: Aaron Cleek; Secretary: Rick Sanderson and Treasurer: Diane Cleek.  Board members will be: Amanda Cleek, Bob Eaton, Jim Glasgow, Keith Swanson and Dennis Yagelski.  Meetings continue on the 4th Monday of every month at 7:PM

The wildlife pictures at the Clubhouse, which are greatly admired, have become a permanent fixture due to the generosity of a club member.  They are outstanding prints and enhance the building. THANKS!

The new groundskeeper at the park will be Adam Seymour.  Thanks to Dave Scarborough for his past 5 years of service.  Stacy Grage will continue to operate the weed cutter.  Winter storm damage and vandalism has been repaired and the security cameras are being monitored.  A sign will be posted showing a reward for any person witnessing destruction of park property.  The new softball diamond is outstanding and ready for Spring play.  Rentals are being taken for any buildings or areas by Michelle Williamson (see the Rentals page for details).  Thanks Darla for all of your effort.

We are having a COMMUNITY CALL OUT!  This will give you a chance to talk to the festival committee about your wants and concerns of the festival.  Do you have an idea that you would like to see added to the fest? get rid of something? have a different approach for? want to help out? vendors or music? We need more input.  Cash outlays are a concern.  Keep in mind that space is a problem but maybe you can figure that out too.  Please attend and voice your feelings on FEBRUARY 22, 7PM.  Change the date?  Not an option.  We cannot control the weather and it is always on the fourth weekend of the month. Not on Labor Day weekend or when other festivals are starting.  Festival dates are August 25, 26 and 27.

FIREWORKS! We do believe they are a draw but the revenue is down. That l/2 hour of ohs! and ahs! cost $3,000.  We me asking local businesses -local and surrounding- to help us out.  You will still see jars around for cash donations and thank you.  Pennies add up...

Another source of income is our old faithful CORN BREAD AND BEAN & HAM SUPPER!  Since 1934, people have come to the clubhouse for a visit and to enjoy the simple dinner.  The cost this year is $7.00 and includes dessert.  Circle MARCH 27 for your date to dinner.  We have chili as well and carry outs.  Membership time: $10 family and $25 business.  $100 buys you a life time membership and a 25% discount on an annual rental.  Membership form is on the back of this letter; checks may be mailed or bring your payment to the supper.

We appreciate all of you and hope to see you February 22, March 27 and at the 31st Festival!

Officers and board members...Chuck Eaton, President

New ball field November 29, 2016

Union Mills Sidewalk Additions and ADA Upgrades

Click on the following picture to download and open the 3.14MB Union Mills_SidewalkProject.pdf in a new window to make the text readable.  The PDF was obtained from a (the?) LaPorte County Planner on June 30, 2015 following a presentation at the UMiCC club house at the monthly meeting.  These improvements will make the park more accessible and the sidewalks will all be built within the current road right-of-way boundaries.


Here is an example of not so recent park damage performed by unknown vandals.  The memorial bench has been broken apart as shown and the concrete seat cracked.  Consequently, repairing the bench is not trivial.  Very sad...  (The picture was taken June 30, 2015.)

The 2014 Mill Pond Festival was hit by heavy rains late Saturday afternoon.

The Mill Pond Festival was held on Friday August 22 at 6PM through Sunday August 25 at 4:30PM.  On Saturday, a storm shut down much of the festival for the entire evening including the fire works display.  However, the bands played as scheduled in the well protected shelter.  Sunday was a typical beautiful day in Union Mills as shown below.

Pond Stocked with Fish

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, fish were added to the pond.  Details are unknown at the moment.   At the last monthly meeting stocking the pond was discussed along with the difficulties in finding a supplier with fish to sell.

Dennis, the current club president, talks with the fish supplier.

Clubhouse Restoration

On January 10, 2014 the flooded clubhouse was discovered with three inches of water covering the floor and soaking into the walls.  Due to the extreme winter weather, a pipe in the exterior southern wall of the kitchen had frozen and burst then flooded the clubhouse.

Restoration work began shortly after the emergency cleanup.  As of February 25, 2014, much repair work has been completed by volunteers and a contractor is well on their way to replacing the flooring.  The club house will be back in shape for the March 24th Bean & Ham supper.

The old tile has been stripped off the floor and the concrete base leveled by filling in the low spots and grinding down some high spots.  Much of the club's "stuff" has been moved to the pole barn to get it out of the way.  ALL of the (tile) flooring is being replaced.

The new flooring has already been laid in the kitchen and some new kitchen cabinetry is in place already.  The floor is poured into place with plastic chips imbedded in the clear epoxy.

The storage room also has the new flooring in place.  Volunteers are installing bump railings to protect the walls.

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