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The annual Mill Pond Festival is the largest community-wide project each year.  This fund raiser supports many Park maintenance and improvement projects.  Another community fund raising project is the annual Bean & Ham (with Corn Bread and Chili) Supper which is usually held on the 4th Monday of March from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. 

Many hours of volunteer labor help maintain and improve the park... and everyone is invited to participate.  Major maintenance and improvement projects include (but are not limited to the following):

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2005 ......
This new sign is along Water Street.
The formerly unpaved road adjacent to the club house is paved now.
The Darwin Underwood memorial picnic table was spotted by the floating dock June 21st.  The silt trap had apparently been dredged too.  
 Electrical boxes (mainly used during the annual Mill Pond Festival) have been replaced and upgraded.  Two examples are shown.  
A floating dock has been added near the boat ramp to aid in its use.  The seaweed cutter is also shown in this 7/31 picture.

A modern hydraulic excavator was used to clean the silt trap in early April of 2014 and here it is!  This is probably the same excavator used last year.  The old "drag-line" used earlier is shown below in the "2007" project picture.
2014 The clubhouse was heavily damaged when a pipe froze and split during the winter of 2013-2014.  Considerable effort went into repairing the damage and upgrading the clubhouse.  Multiple pictures can be seen on the NEWS page.  The following picture of the north side of the main clubhouse floor was captured July 27, 2015.

A new industrial quality seven seat swing set was manufactured by a local firm and donated to the park.

The new shelter built in 2011 now has walls and two bathrooms in the SE corner.  Giant blinds are built into the walls such that the openings can be closed quickly.

The silt trap was dug-out again with a drag line in February.  These pictures show the silt drying on shore.  Silt was also removed with a "long-stick" hydraulic excavator just upstream of the dam.  After the silt dried out some, it was spread out evenly and seeded.
The new security camera system was put in place during the summer.  There are multiple cameras including the one shown inside the basket ball court shelter. The Union Mills Lions Club led this project.

The club was represented at the LaPorte County Fair in the Conservation Building.  (Last year too!)  Multiple volunteers donated their time to promote the club.
A new ramp handrail was installed along the heated walkway.
The Mill Pond shoreline, upstream from the boat ramp, was stabilized and re-graded.
Three fost-free spigots were installed in the spring.
Six unhealthy trees near the northwest corner of the club house were removed in the spring.

A 50x60 foot shelter was constructed over the basketball court.  The internal arched trusses provide for a high ceiling.


Eight large shade trees were planted along Memory Lane, replacing many weed trees.


Picture taken July 13, 2011 looking north up Water St.
A more visible (and attractive) sign was installed near the park entrance.

2010 A heated ramp to the clubhouse was installed and the kitchen stove was replaced.
2009 The silt trap was dug out again.  Some of the silt was used near the eastern side of the Pond, near the dam, to fill a low area.
A silt trap was dug out upstream from the pond (one of the two resulting silt piles is shown above).  Most of the excavated silt was used to regrade the land adjacent to the pond for better surface drainage.

Picture taked July 13, 2011
The Pond weed cutter was replaced.  Darwin is shown operating the cutter (in 2011).

2004 The covered bridge was constructed downstream of the dam.
2003 A paved walking path was laid throughout the park.


The Mill Pond was dredged.

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