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WELLS Technical Services

WELLS Technical Services is a small family business serving primarily civil / environmental engineering clients who Tom knows from earlier in his career.

Aether DBS was formed in 2010 when Hard Hat Services and Ely Energy joined to provide a broader range of experience, capabilities, and resources.  Hard Hat Services is discussed below.  Ely Energy, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of gas vaporizers, blenders, and process systems.  Note: Hard Hat Services has reemerged as a separate company from Aether DBS in 2013.

Hard Hat Services (HHS) is a Design/Build and Environmental Remediation Services firm serving manufacturers, food processors and utilities, to name a few.  Typical projects involve contaminated sediment remediation, industrial water treatment and process cooling systems.  Note: Harrington Engineering & Construction was acquired by HHS in 2006 (and operated as a Hard Hat company through 2007).  Harrington Engineering and Construction has reemerged as a separate company in 2013.

Harrington Engineering and Construction, LLC  (HE&C) provided engineering solutions for the environmental, geotechnical, and infrastructure construction businesses.   HE&C was founded in 1996 by 6 principles (including Mr. Wells part-time) who all worked together at Canonie Environmental Services turned Smith Technology Corporations (before the company went bankrupt).  WELLS Technical Services has provided engineering analysis / design, GPS-based surveying & CAD, programming and computer support services to meet both business and project needs.  (The HE&C web site was created by Mr. Wells.) 

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Envirocon, Inc. is a full-service environmental remediation, demolition, and civil construction general contractor.  Tom has provided a range of professional services including geotechnical analysis, daily reporting design and implementation plus custom system development / programming and related services.

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Locus Technologies (Locus) is the leader in on-demand environmental data management software, services, and solutions.  From 2003 - 2007, Tom loaded historical environmental data into Locus's Environmental Information Management (EIM) system for client sites and configured EIM for Locus's clients and their many users over the internet.  Tom also helped EIM users with complicated data issues and occasionally updated online data sets via "back-door" methods using Microsoft SQL/Server tools.

EarthSoft's Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS) is the most widely used Environmental Data Management software in the world.  From 1997 - 2003, Tom worked as a Project Manager, Software Developer and Product Manager as needed.  Tom also loaded historical environmental data sets into EQuIS for multiple EarthSoft clients.  This included performing a large data migration that started with 1.6 million analytical laboratory records from a Weston Oracle-based Technical Data Management System.  The analytical laboratory results were migrated to an early version of EQuiS Enterprise using a Microsoft SQL/Server database.

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